As always, a total blast in class. For some reason this evening though my breathing was a bit fast-paced, like it was racing a bit. I couldn’t really pin-point why, other than I had been working through some stuff recently and maybe it was latent anxiety that was ready to be breathed through and released. Had our awesome teacher Ben who has fantastic energy and really gets you going. Once I got through Pranayama breathing and into half moon and then through to Eagle, I was starting to settle down with my breathing which was good. Half moon felt tight this evening in first set, but in second set I was able to push down lower and prepare myself for a better back bend.

I have a small tight spot in my lower left back and was mindful of that going into the posture. I breathed through to relax the lower muscles in the back and then found myself a little shaky in the legs! I contracted my muscles tighter and had some more solid-ness with which to try to get my arms back just a tad bit further.

The challenge I am having in all of my postures at present is coming from my left hamstring. I was recently in Standing Bow and was concentrating to hard on getting my right leg kicked up higher, that I had lost concentration on locking the left knee, and pulled my hamstring out of the insertion point. Ouch!! It made a popping sound and provided me with a good does of nausea throughout the rest of that class πŸ˜‰

Have been trying to manage it but it really does present a challenge in certain postures, and also to my mind which likes to keep progressing and doesn’t like to be thwarted! So I am having to pull back in some postures and I find that frustrating as I like to give 110% each and every time.

Thus in Eagle, I even find keeping the weight on the left heel and sitting down lower pulls on that insertion point; in Standing Bow, I just cannot kick the right leg up as high as that insertion point pulls in the left leg and in Triangle, I cannot go down into left side because as we bend down into the posture, the hamstring pulls straight out from that insertion point.

I am using my practice to concentrate greatly on all of the other postures to strengthen other muscles groups that will facilitate some ease to the hamstring. So my contraction of the thigh muscle in Standing Head to Knee and Standing Separate Leg Stretching is getting a lot stronger which is really great – especially in Standing Head to Knee!

I’ve been practising for nearly 12 months and Standing Head to Knee was a nemesis posture – no doubt about it. As Bikram says, I could not lock my knee! I wobbled and fell and shook my way in and out of that posture but I kept so determined to grow stronger in it. I have now reached the stage where I can keep the knee locked in both legs and have commence lowering my body to touch my head to my knee. I pretty much get there and then wobble and fall out πŸ™‚ But the muscle memory is increasing each time as is the stamina for the posture and I will get there!

Floor series was good – felt so nice to hit the floor tonight! Some of it seemed to go fast and some of it slow. When we got to Camel I was thinking ‘really? already?!’ but when we got to Rabbit I was thinking ‘seriously, you mean we haven’t done this yet?’ πŸ˜‰Β 

And so another class drew to a close and I again learned something new about my body and my postures and my current limitations.

Till next time when the sweat is on!