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How often do you feel inspired about yourself or inspired about your life? The answer may be “Not every day”, where the answer could be “Every day!” For various reasons we may lose the sense of inspiration about ourselves and about life that we had as kids; or dependent on our circumstances, we may not ever have felt that sense of inspiration. Thus it becomes all the more important to realise that inspiration for ourselves and for life is available to us.

The question is: Where do we find it? The answer is: Within ourselves!

Some of us may be looking to external environments wanting them to be inspiring for us. This may well happen and be completely wonderful when it does. However, everything changes – either within ourselves or within our environments, and when this happens our external source of inspiration may not be that any more, and we may lose faith that inspiration even exists.

And that is why it is important to realise that all the inspiration you need is inside your own heart and soul: for whoever you want to be and whatever you want to do. Find out who you are so that you know how to inspire yourself. Are you a loving person? Then inspire yourself by giving love. Are you a creative person? Then inspire yourself and try new mediums. Are you a giving person? Then inspire yourself by connecting with different parts of the community that you could like to try to assist. Inspire yourself with who you are!

Get to know aspects of yourself that you may not even have known were there! When you do, you will know yourself so much better, you will be your own best friend and you will know exactly what it is about you that inspires you! From there, you will connect with and engage in external sources of inspiration that you find and that find you; and from there you will be able to share your understanding and inspired life with others, showing them also how to go within to find exactly what they are looking for.

Last year I took the time to go within and realised how much I needed to be grounded, peaceful and active. And so I began my Bikram Yoga practice. Little did I know that I would be my own inspiration for the rest of my life! I began to achieve things in myself that I never knew were possible, and I was able to take that realisation I had inspired in myself and change so many other areas of my life. I inspired myself and now I know that the sky is the limit! And I also know it can be that way for all of us every day. Go within!  Be inspired!