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Tonight’s class was fascinating. I went yesterday and had a really hard time with my hamstring injury. I am only doing the right side of some postures to prevent further injury to the left hamstring and it was surprising how hard that was! That is, I felt so unbalanced only doing one side! In addition to which, when you come out of one side of a posture and into the next, your breathing does carry a momentum. When you stop and just stand there, your breathing (well mine did!) tended to catch in my throat and jump out of my chest. So ironically, I found it more fatiguing to not do certain postures and then re-group to get into others.

This evening, I was mindful of how that would feel going into class, as the last two classes had taught me about this sense of ‘unbalance’. Like anything, ‘knowing’ what I was in for helped me to prepare my mind and regulate my breathing and it turned out to be one of the strongest classes I have done in a while – albeit several postures to one side!

Standing Head to Knee felt really good tonight and I actually HELD my head to my knee (right knee) for nearly the full 10 seconds!!! And I actually touched my head to my knee (left knee) which was really fantastic also as I always tend to wobble and drop out from the right leg 😉

Again that posture was very useful tonight to meditate with and to ground myself in the practice. Standing Bow was a bit frustrating though as I do love to try really hard in this posture and I was limited. But it will come again! Right side Triangle was strong, left side no go.

I decided then to have a really strong Floor Series and whatever energy I hadn’t used up in the Standing Series I would commit to the floor. Spine Strengthening Series then went really well and I am proud to say that I did the best floor Bow I have ever done!! This has been an incredibly hard posture for me to make headway on. That sense of discomfort of being on the belly against gravity and gently coaxing my spine to relax into the bend has been a challenge, and getting past that blockage has been a loooooooong time coming 😉 But today it felt really strong and I was really glad for that. I know next class may not be the same! But it’s there now in the muscle memory and all good things come from that! 🙂

So again my practice taught me about life and love: the life of patience, perspective and unexpected progress and the self-love that carries you through that to the next place you will be 🙂

Yay Yoga!