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When we wake up each morning and set about our day and head off to work, what part of ourselves might we have forgotten to say hello to? We’ve said hello to our partner, our children, our pets, or our neighbour, but have we said hello to ourselves?

For sure we’re operating as ourselves – we got up out of bed, showered and had breakfast, had 100 thoughts running through our minds, but all of this is exactly that: operational. Auto-pilot. It is not even acknowledging that we ARE a self, that we have a heart as well as our mind and that right down there in the depths of us is our soul. Soul?! That’s right – Soul.

That part of you that is the very core of your being. That part of you where you have conviction about who you are; that part of you that alerts you to when things are right and when things are wrong; that part of you that yearns for your heart and mind to be in alignment, so that your experiences in life will also be in alignment. That part of all of us which is so often scoffed at by others or ignored. But what good does it do any of us to ignore that we all have a soul? Without acknowledgement of our soul, how can we have acknowledgement, compassion or empathy for others? If we have closed off the door to our soul, neither can we hope to open that door to all of the wonderful experiences of life and love that can become part of us.

People sometimes ask me ‘Where is the soul?’. I answer by talking about where I find mine. When I connect to my soul, I connect to a place within myself that feels like my most ‘within’. I go through my heart to what feels like another, deeper reservoir where all of my mind-body-heart-spirit connections sit as one, and vibrate through all of the fibres of my being. I also get a feeling of love and warmth as I allow this connection, and the take time to nurture myself from this core. My soul tells me what I need to do in order to self-care, what I need to do in order to care for others and what I need to do in order to be in positive alignment with my life path.

There were times when my soul provided me with this message by negation – when experiences I was having or people I was associated with culminated in a feeling of pain within my soul. I therefore needed to learn and grow and change over time to create and engage in what I wanted my soul experiences to be. But we can’t avoid pain in our soul all the time – the passing of a loved one for example, can cause great pain at this most fundamental level. One thing is for sure though: our soul is our best friend and deserves our love, care and attention, so remember to say a heartfelt hello to yours every morning 🙂