About Alison

Hi there!

​My name is Alison Pears and I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia; a beautiful little city that I feel blessed every day to call home 🙂

​After a fulfilling career of nearly 20 years in government and bureaucratic settings, I realised I wanted to make a change in my life – I wanted to do something completely different. I wanted to go in a whole new direction and learn new skills and take myself to a place in my career that I never thought possible. I wanted to create the kind of life I wanted to live 🙂

And so I researched working from home. I wanted to enter into a home based business environment that would allow me the flexibility to create and maintain a really great lifestyle, and give me the time and freedom to enjoy all of my passions, including my favourite things to do everyday – hang out with my cats and practice Bikram Yoga!

​This amazing business gives me all this and more in both my personal and professional lives, and the exceptional financial reward that follows my efforts is empowering me to achieve my goals, create new dreams and have a wonderful life!

“Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box”.

Deepak Chopra

​​I look forward to talking with you soon 🙂



Enhance Your Abundance: Freedom. Inspiration. Reward.

Personal Development * Leadership Education


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